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spray paint 英 [sprei peint] 美 [spre pent] 词典 喷漆 网络 自动手喷漆; 喷油; 上喷漆

we can't manage to "spray the paint on the sample", coz we have no idea how much paint we are supposed to spray on the sample.

coating:指普通的表面处理,不需要镀层的和涂层,比如:发黑,发蓝,发白,也可以理解为各种颜色的氧化处理 painting:指喷涂表面处理,比如:喷漆,喷粉,烤漆 spraying:指物理喷涂。包括离子,静电喷涂。


可以Reserved 就有预留的意思 position是位置的意思 你可以根据句子里的整体意思翻译 喷漆 直接是Painting position 就ok了

1. Later this month, we’ll spray the orchard, paint the barn, plant the garden and clean the hen house before the new chicks arrive. ...

评论 0 0 Concentration of two component spray paint the cab system solutions. chembox | 发布于2011-03-03 16:12 评论 0 0 其他1条回答 ...

(3) paint spray system1. Appearance: reasonable structure, tight beat, the whole formation, no mechanical bumps, color uniform.2. Performance: A. device...

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