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nightshade [英]['naɪtʃeɪd][美]['naɪtˌʃeɪd] n. 龙葵; 茄属植物;

nightshade [英]['naɪtʃeɪd][美]['naɪtˌʃeɪd] n. 龙葵; 茄属植物; 网络 茄属类植物; 茄果类; 龙葵属植物; 双语例句 1 The nightshade was in its yellow and purple glory. 一片黄色和紫色的龙葵正开得很盛。

deadly nightshade [英][ˌdedli ˈnaɪtʃeɪd][美][ˈdɛdli ˈnaɪtˌʃed] n. 颠茄; 龙葵 请采纳


Nightshade Blockout is a Maya tool for quickly creating blockout/selection/matID -maps; allowing artists to create such a map in seconds. Just select your mesh(es) in the viewport and you are three mouse clicks away from a fini...

3tcx 17-1009tcx Dune 31tcx 19-3712tcx Nightshade 3tcx 17-1107tcx Seneca Rock 31tcx 19-3714tcx Navy Cosmos 3tcx 17-1109tcx Chinchilla 31tcx 19-...

能不能你说中文我翻译?我又不爱他我怎么想… 比如说,日日夜夜我都在想你?I miss you day and night 下面全是抄英语歌词的...括号里面是歌名... 想我了,...

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