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$results = DB::select("select * from user where username like '%要查询的值%' ");



there was a glimpse of the turrets of a castle.

在上节基础上,ArticlesController 控制器 index 动作: 修改 $articles = Article::all(); 为 $articles = Article::paginate(5); 注意 5 是每页显示的记录数。

select '第'||b.num||‘行’,第||instr(a.A||a.B||a.C||a.D||a.E,'1')|||'列' from table a, (select max(num) num ,max(id) id from (select rownum num,rowid id,A||B||C||D||E ABCDE from table) where ABCDE like ‘%1%' and id

$res= User::where('username','like', "%$name%")->orderby('id','desc')->paginate(15);

Installation composer require fzaninotto/faker Basic Usage Use Faker\Factory::create() to create and initialize a faker generator, which can generate data by accessing properties named after the type of data you want.

dump-autoload 在5.1 中被移除了,只有4.x的版本有那个命令 你配置了config/app.php 没有?入口可在那个文件中配置查询


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