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Jiaozi is a traditional chinese food ,which is famous in my hometown——Xian.Xian  dumpling is one of the most important foods in chinese new year.Since the shape of chinese dumpling is similar to ancient chinese g...

food street的鲜榨果汁 真心不错店员耐心的给我们试尝了不同果味 果肉足 喜欢奇异果的味道



“Yeaterday is my irthday,my father,mother and me went to resturant had dinner,We point a lot of dishes,the dishesmost deilcious and expensive,There are many different types of dishes.After dinner,my drank a glass.And then we we...

小题1:B小题2:D小题3:C小题4:A小题5:B 试题分析:这篇短文主要描述了一所中学举行的一次活动,通过这个活动给了学生们一个社会实践的机会.小题1:联系上下文描述,可知选B,这个活动是这个学校英语艺术节的一部分.小题2:联系上文,魅族销售不同种类...

local street food 本地小吃 例句: The best way to see the area is to simply join local people on their evening strollsamid the markets and street shops and grab some street food with milk tea. 要了解这个地区,最简单的方式是加进...

London*s best street food 伦敦最好的街头食物

street art vs food 街头艺术和食品

B so...that与such...that的区别 so+形容词+that such+名词+形容词+that

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