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Fill in thE BlAnks

fill in the blanks [释义]填空;填充;‍ [例句]I can fill in the blanks, all right? 我自己能想象出发生了什么事好吗

您好,翻译为: complete sentences完成 句子的意思 希望帮到你

fill in the blanks 填空;填充; 例句: 1. Next, ask your groupmates for words to fill in the blanks. 接下来,让你的组员填空。 2. Fill in the blanks using words provided by the professor in the assignment's instructions. 只需要把...

填空。Fill in是填写的意思,blanks是空格,空白的意思

listen and fill in the blanks 听录音填空 双语例句 柯林斯词典 1 A starter pistol which only fires blanks 只发射空包弹的发令枪 2 palm kernel of a kind used primarily for carving, worked or moulded ( excl. buttons andblanks thereo...

Directions:Read the following passage.Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information from the passage. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. The atmosphere is a gaseous envelope that surrounds the Earth. It is a...

Part I suggestion motivation patience taste impression strongest reference performance commitment competitiveness recognition accommodation solution affection flexibility practice identification negotiation devotion expectation...


1.The country is trying to move from a centrally planned (economy) to one basically geared to the needs of the market.(economic) 2.There are no good roads in the area, so most of thte ranches are only (accessed) by jeep or othe...

意思是 填空

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