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diary entry 日记条目 diary[英] [ˈdaiəri] [美] [ˈdaɪəri] n. 日记,日志;日记簿;

你好,很高兴为您解答: diary entry 词组 日记 a ~ 一本日记 diary 单词 日记 望采纳^^

entry: n. 进入;入口;条目;登记;报关手续;对土地的侵占 1. N-UNCOUNT If you gain entry to a particular place, you are able to go in. 进入许可 例:You can gain entry to the club only through a member.你只有通过一位会员才能进入...

diary entry 日记条目

diary entry 日记 双语对照 例句: 1. How we would benefit from even just one diary entry from his youth! 如果有一部他少年时的日记,不知可以提供给我们多少消息啊!

diary: 日记 entry: 登记;记载;申报;记录;记载事项,项目,条目。 diary entry: 日记记载。

We spent three days in Hangzhou. If there is a heaven on earth then this is it!The city is known for the charming West Lake, it attracts many tourists. It was exciting to see the Dragon Boat Race(赛龙舟). Boating around the Wes...


是不是人教版的?是让翻译全文吗? Helen 6月15日 今天我参加了学校旅行。我们参观了科技馆,真的很有趣。我们乘火车去很快。我们看到一些农场和村庄在路旁。在科技馆,我学到了很多关于机器人的知识。我不知道他们可以和我们下棋。那真酷!然后...

1. To develop good habits, get up at 5:00 every morning to eat breakfast, exercise, rest time every night at 9:00. 2. To develop good health habits, wash hands before meals and after, do not eat all the junk food, including but...

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