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你好,Official Academic Transcript 正式成绩单的意思 希望我的回答可以帮到你

academic transcripts成绩单 双语对照 例句: 1.Misrepresentation of academic records: misrepresenting or tampering with or attempting to tamper with any portion of a student's transcripts or academic record, either before or after...



去公证处公证一下,他们除了翻译之外还会在里面加进复印件的 你保留原件

你好! a transcript of academic results 成绩单

1、Provide a certified copy of your complete and official academic transcript and a Statement of Completion for your Bachelor degree in English and original...

兹证明,XX,男,1987年10月01日出生,于2006年9月被我校管理学院录取,to whom it may concern; we here by certify that XX, male, DOB 1st

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