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执行任务 英语

执行任务[词典]carry out a task; perform a task; execute the task;[例句]侦察兵们在一个雷雨之夜出发去执行任务。The scouts started off on their mission on a stormy night.

task n.[c] 1. 任务;工作;作业 The task has been fulfilled. 任务已完成了。 2. 困难的工作;苦差事 She had the difficult task of pulling out all the weeds. 她的苦差事是拔除所有的杂草。 vt. 1. 派给...(特别)任务;要...做一项(特别)工作[...

before taking the task

Task Code: task execution: Date: to be hit.Target lock.

Do you have a mission tonight?

“执行中” in execution The task is in execution. The task is being carried out.

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我们将尽可能出色地完成任务 用英语怎么说 We'll do our best to fulfill the task.


可以说:mission failed 或者:task failed。

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