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"Breach of contract" 例句 合同违约可导致无辜一方强制执行合同,废止合同或就损失提出诉讼。 A breach of contract allows the innocent party to enforce the contract, rescind the contract or sue for damages.

break an agreement,break a contact

compensation for breach of contract

compensation for breach of contract. 选我!!!

After the photo is designated account to arrange production, the remaining payment before shipping in the supplier for end the money paid, if he fails to come to the cashier and affect delivery by the buyer assumes responsibili...

逾期付款,需支付违约金:Late payment, payment of liquidated damages

违约责任 [词典] [法] liability for breach contract; [法] liability for breach of contracts; [法] responsibility of breach; [例句]加害给付是合同履行过程中不适当履行的一种特殊形态,既产生了违约责任又产生了侵权责任。 Injury Perfor...

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违约通知 Notice of Default;Default notice;default notices

the responsibility of breaking an agreement 不敢确定……

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