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报关费---Charges of Customs declaration 拖卡费---Trucking fee 港杂费---THC--Terminal Handing charges 单证费--Documentation charge 电放费--Telex release charge 场站费--Terminal Surcharges

Because the trailers were in short supply before the festival,customs couldn't find the trailers.we can't arrange the the delivery.

拖车_百度翻译 拖车 [词典] trailer; trail car; chassis; full trailer; tow truck; Many caravans are let by private individuals through adverts in papers or shop windows. 双语例句 汉英大词典 中中释义

拖车费,港建费 拖车费 towing fee 港建费 Port construction fee

买菜用的小拖车 翻译结果: Buy food with the small trailer

Trailers line FORWARDER是转发器

prepare the documents 或者 issue the docs. 应该不会错,我问过我们香港的船务了,这是船务那方面的。

1)码头费(ORC\OTHC\THC/LTHC):装货港码头费。是指船公司收取的费用,该费用都是比较固定的。 1、ORC——全称Original Receiving Chanrge,字面翻译为“启运港港口接货费”,常用于欧洲、美洲、澳洲、地中海、非洲。 2、OTHC——全称Original Termi...

1.He has so many cargos that he has to transport them two more times by that van, 2.Please pardon me if there is any offence. 3.Why are there so many Caucasians in South Africa.I heard that all of these peaple migrated from Eur...

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