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1. If it is current deposit, you can always deal with different procedures. 2. Please put your name, address and id number, amount of the deposit period, fill in the depositing form. 3. According to the dollar amount to 1% of o...

银行操作柜员 全部释义和例句>>Bank teller 银行操作柜员 全部释义和例句>>Bank teller

银行柜员 Bank teller 银行职员 Bank clerk

Bank Teller


I am XXX, you can call me XXX. It is so pleased to be heretoday. I graduate from XXX, and my major is XXX, our main courses are XX...

AS a newcomer to the team of Postal Savings Bank,though I have not enough experiences , I still have the confidence to do my work well as a bank teller.In order to be up the challenge of the new work,I am ready to work hard and...

综合柜员-General teller 信贷专柜-Credit counter 结算专柜-Clearing counters


ATM机对应的操作如下: 输入密码—— password 再输一次—— again 存钱 ——deposit 取钱—— withdraw 金额——amount 余额——balance 转账——transfer 输入金额 —— enter amount 确认——confirm 取消cancel 打印凭条—— print receipt 不打印凭条——no print...

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