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1. If it is current deposit, you can always deal with different procedures. 2. Please put your name, address and id number, amount of the deposit period, fill in the depositing form. 3. According to the dollar amount to 1% of o...

银行柜面英语口语(一)- 新开帐户 2003-1-15 What kind of account did you have in your mind? 你想开哪种帐户? Do you like to open a current account? 你想开一个活期存款帐户吗? A deposit or current account? 定期还是活期? Please tell...

Counter, please accept this, counter in lending

柜面劳动组织效率 英文:The counter labor organization efficiency

Bank Teller

综合柜员-General teller 信贷专柜-Credit counter 结算专柜-Clearing counters


bank teller

个人喜欢“Counter-pass service”,但按字面是“All in one Counter” 来源: http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/132277180.html?si=10 “Counter-pass ”service “All in one Counter”service


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