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1. If it is current deposit, you can always deal with different procedures. 2. Please put your name, address and id number, amount of the deposit period, fill in the depositing form. 3. According to the dollar amount to 1% of o...

Bank Teller

银行操作柜员 全部释义和例句>>Bank teller 银行操作柜员 全部释义和例句>>Bank teller

Position: overall manager of the counter in a security company Duty: transact business for the customers such as open accounts, revise the information of the accounts, cancel accounts, collating of data.

Counter, please accept this, counter in lending


2009-11-04 工商银行英文面试模板 6 2009-03-18 银行柜台面试 4 2009-02-04 求面试拒绝信的模板!英文的!谢谢 9 2008-02-01 银行里的工作人员(不是柜...

综合柜员-General teller 信贷专柜-Credit counter 结算专柜-Clearing counters

My heart beats for you every day. I am inspired by you every minute,

将工商银行柜员的英文界面转换成中文界面 The industrial and commercial bank teller English interface into Chinese interface

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